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What can the academy do for you?

Most parents want to know everything about their baby so that they can help them learn and develop in every possible way. The Baby Sensory Academy gives parents the opportunity to discover things that they did not know about their baby. It also provides useful information about the different stages of development and suggests activities that will lead their baby’s learning and development forwards. Parents may also take comfort in the knowledge that their love and care really matter.

Remember that your baby is unique and will reach his or her milestones at his or her own pace. The activities simply serve as guidelines. If your baby was premature s/he will need more time before s/he can do the suggested activities. For example, if your baby was born two weeks early, you should measure his or her progress against his or her adjusted age (due date minus birth date), so that skills can be evaluated accordingly.

Before attempting to respond to the questions, make sure that your baby is calm and alert. If your baby is sleepy, wait until s/he moves into a state of alertness before trying out an activity. If nothing happens, repeat the activity when your baby is ready to learn and play.

If some babies will only tolerate a brief period of interaction or just one activity at a time. If your baby yawns, averts his or her gaze, arches his or her back, turns away, fusses or cries, then your baby is telling you that s/he has had enough.

If you have any questions about your baby's development, you should bring them to your GP’s attention immediately.